She deserves better

photoToday is Corinne’s 43rd birthday. It’s also her last day earning a salary for the foreseeable future.

She deserves better.

She deserves a better birthday. She deserves a better result after 13 years of bleeding CM blue (well, 12 years of bleeding CM blue and one year of bleeding A&Z “that’s not pink, it’s berry”). And she deserves a better tribute than this crappy blog post.

She deserves decisive, competent leadership. She deserves the chance to spread her wings and do what she can do. She deserves committed support. When she has those things, she can move mountains. I’ve watched her grow over the last 13 years from a talented-but-quiet graphic designer into the best creative director I’ve ever worked with. Bar none. And I’ve worked with some good ones. But you can’t be a creative director when there’s nothing and no one to direct.

So you see, we don’t always get what we deserve. Most of us who worked at the company that was once known as Creative Memories have seen that. Screw it. It is what it is. Move on.

And now she’s on her own. She’s scared shitless, but she’s in there swinging. She’s slapping the crap out of her course load at Saint Scholastica. She’s making contacts. She’s exploring options. She’s even laying the foundations for a company with infinite possibilities.

skoog_logoShe’s scared but fighting. And I’m not being much of any help because I’m scared and frozen in place. Losing over half of our household income grabs me by the chest and makes me feel inadequate for not earning more or not being able to fix this. As a result, I’ve been doing a pretty poor job of being the rock she needs to lean on in this time of crisis.

I didn’t feel much like writing this blog post, but I did it. It’s taken me five drafts and I still know I’m not coming close to putting into words what a remarkable, powerful, resilient woman my wife is and how physically painful it’s been to watch the life being slowly sucked from her over the last year.

But she wanted a blog post for her birthday.

She deserves better.