Cat video!

I’m shamelessly whoring myself out for traffic here. And, as I understand it, cat videos are the way to bring it in.

Hang on, I’ve gotta jack up my SEO. Cat video! Cat video! Cat video!

There’s no dramatically hilarious ending here. And no cats were harmed in the filming of this video. But it DOES seem kind of weird, doesn’t it? We just got the pool yesterday for Maeby to play in because THAT makes sense – she’s half poodle. But a cat? Corinne just turned around and looked out the window this morning and there he was. Hopped squarely into the middle of the pool.

Of course, every great film deserves a sequel. And so here’s my next summer blockbuster: Henry the Swimming Cat II – Copy Cat

(Henry’s agent tried to big-time us, so we played hardball and walked away. Therefore, the part of Henry in the sequel was actually played by Maeby.)

That’s it. That’s the end of this post. The rest of this is just pet updates for the curious (since I haven’t blogged about pets for awhile). Feel free to ignore.


Shouko, the golden retriever, is still alive and well at 12 years and change. We love her. (Especially since we built the fence this spring and don’t have to chase her around the neighborhood anymore.)

Last fall we decided it would be prudent to have a transitional phase between dogs so that Shouko could officially train in her replacement. So Maeby the aussiedoodle joined us. She’s fantastic and we’ve unofficially changed her breed to awesomedoodle.

And we thought we were complete there. No more crazy numbers of pets. Just two dogs. Almost like a normal family. And then came Henry.

Henry was Molly’s cat at her mom’s house. He’s about a year and a half to maybe two years old. And it just wasn’t working out there. (There is no shame in that. Sometimes bad matches happen.) So when Molly found out she was going to have to get rid of her cat, we decided to bite the bullet and take on an extra pet.

So far he’s been spectacular. Tons of personality. No obnoxiousness.

Of course, stay tuned for updates on all these characters and more.

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