Hey, Mo! (Where’s Lester?)

Before. (Corinne’s editorial note: I like this look best. Scruffy is sexy.)

My wife loves me with facial hair. And she has an active, giving, charitable heart.

So the fact that she’s been whining and protesting the coming of Movemberlike it was a stint in a Mexican prison is a profound testament to the sublime level of nastiness that’s achieved when I wear a mustache.

During. (Corinne’s editorial note #2: This was painful to watch. Mostly because I know what’s coming next.)

Yes, it’s Movember – a month-long celebration of the carefully manicured man mane, all to raise vital awareness and funds for men’s health issues, specifically prostate and testicular cancer initiatives. In fact, the future of humanity will be improved if you visit my Mo Space page (or my team’s page) and make whatever contribution you feel is appropriate!

This year I’m going to work my way carefully toward something in the pencil-thin genre. I’ve got some learning and some work to do. My first day clearly left room for improvement. But here’s the way I’m picturing the end result:

If your parents are gonna name you “Errol”, they damned well better at least give you the genes to look this good.

The more likely outcome on me is probably somewhere between these two:

To hell with Mary. There’s something about that mustache.

I love this. So ridiculously repellant. I can’t help but love it.

Seriously. How is it that some guys can rock the flavor saver so masterfully and naturally…

Remember the episode where Magnum ran Kona? With this mustache leading the way? Good stuff.

Sometimes you eat the b’ar… And sometimes half the b’ar ends up hanging around on your upper lip.

While others just look so … wrong?

You ate pancreas?

Clearly some of it’s plain old follicle density. Look at Matthew Broderick compared to Sam Elliott and it’s just not fair.

And, just as clearly, some of it is technique and proficiency.

Look at the sad, dangly way some of those hairs get away from poor Matt Damon compared to the immaculate grooming perfection that is the Selleck ’stache. No comparison.

How’dya like them apples?

And I’m sure that a fair bit of it is just the way you’re used to seeing someone.

Bond. Remington Bond.

If Pierce Brosnan had been wearing this thing consistently for the last 25 years, this would look fantastic. He’s a good-looking guy. That’s a well-grown and well-groomed mustache. But right now it just looks lame.

So maybe if I were to wear my new lip lid for a couple of years, everyone would get used to seeing me this way and it would just look normal. But I just don’t have the heart or the determination to do that to Corinne – or myself.

After. (Corinne’s editorial note #3: (sigh) I love him regardless, the facial hair is just a bonus.)

It’s only one month. It’s only one month. It’s only one month…