Don’t Sponsor Us



  • He's a dirty boy_

  • I'm certain there's mud in her ears too_

  • Yes_ that's all of our clothes_ Every last thing we had on_

Yes_ that's all of our clothes_ Every last thing we had on_



Do NOT sponsor me for next month's Mud Run. I'm going to have a kick-ass time. I'll be hanging out with great friends. I'll even get to have a couple of free beers when it's all said and done.

No, you should definitely NOT subsidize my competitive jones – nor should you subsidize Corinne. Her recreational team might be even more fun than my competitive team.

We're going to get filthy. We're going to be slogging through chest-deep "mud puddles", climbing over logs and jumping over fire. That's OUR good time. You shouldn't pay for that.

Here's what you SHOULD pay for though: The MS Society is like a ninja assassin, relentlessly stalking multiple sclerosis with the twin throwing stars of research and support.

See, multiple sclerosis is a profoundly crappy disease.

According to the Mayo Clinic (and they're really smart):

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a potentially debilitating disease in which your body's immune system eats away at the protective sheath that covers your nerves. This interferes with the communication between your brain and the rest of your body. Ultimately, this may result in deterioration of the nerves themselves, a process that's not reversible.

Symptoms vary widely, depending on the amount of damage and which nerves are affected. People with severe cases of multiple sclerosis may lose the ability to walk or speak. Multiple sclerosis can be difficult to diagnose early in the course of the disease because symptoms often come and go — sometimes disappearing for months.

There's no cure for multiple sclerosis. However treatments can help treat attacks, modify the course of the disease and treat symptoms.

And, of course, the fight against MS means a lot to my family. My dad was diagnosed with MS almost 35 years ago. From watching him, I learned a lot of things. (Unfortunately, how to ask for money was not one of them. So this isn't the most eloquent of pleas.)

All around you right now are men who aren't quite sure they'll be able to walk their daughters down the aisle. There are women who just can't form the words to read their grandkids bedtime stories. There are kids who can't understand why Dad won't show them how to rollerskate.

We're not asking for much. Our obligation for the race is $100 apiece in pledged donations. (Though we sure would love to go beyond.) If 20 friends each came up with $10, we'd be good to go.

So here's what I'm asking of you: click here to sponsor me. Or click here to sponsor Corinne. (Or, if you're really feeling helpful, click both!) We need to reach our $100 requirements before the race on Sept. 10.

Let's get in there, get muddy and straight-up bitch slap MS.