“Pace yourself!”

Holy crap, it's a stroke of brilliance. It's a mantra. It's a zen credo. It's a delightfully witty bumper sticker (when paired with an adorable photo of some crusty old tortoise). It's a lifetime of hard-fought wisdom, compressed into two power-packed words.

"Pace yourself"? Bam!

And Molly picked it up in her very first swim meet. At least that's the way she summed it up on the drive home.

Me: "So Molly, what'd you learn from your first meet? Give me something insightful – I've gotta write a blog post."

Molly: "Um…Pace yourself?"

Damn straight, girl. You speak the wisdom of the ages.

I mean, think about it. I don't know about you, but I look back with shame and regret at all the pain I could have avoided and all the triumph I could have achieved had I only learned this lesson earlier.

[commence flashback sequence]

Guy at 7-Eleven counter: "Here's your Slurpee, son. Remember to pace yourself…pace yourselfpace yourselfpace yourself…"

[flashback sequence again]

Waitress of undetermined Asian heritage: "You have the buffet? Okay! Whenever you're ready. Remember pace yourself…pace yourselfpace yourselfpace yourself…"

[flashback sequence again]

Race director: "Welcome to the 2006 Buffalo Triathlon! Olympic course, wave 3, 30 seconds till start. Remember to pace yourself…pace yourselfpace yourselfpace yourself…!"

[snap back to reality]

You rock, Molly. And you're wise beyond your years. Keep training and conditioning. Live by your own sage advice and pace yourself. But, if I could offer you some advice of my own, remember this as well: Have fun!

Addendum #1: The video shown here is NOT from Molly's first meet. I taped her first meet on my Blackberry…and spent the next week trying to figure out how the hell to get that video OFF my Blackberry. No luck. So this video is actually from her second meet (a big invitational at Alexandria). Corinne shot this on her iPhone. (Please don't comment on it and get her started talking about that phone again.) That's Molly in lane one swimming the anchor leg of the 4×200 medley relay. And yes, she's swimming most of it alone because this particular relay team was so far behind. They lost this particular race pretty badly. But don't worry, it gets better. See below.

Addendum #2: Here's a link to a couple more Molly swim videos.

Addendum #3: The fact that I spent the last week trying to get video off of my Blackberry means that this post is nowhere near timely. (The meet was last Thursday.) Sorry about that!

Addendum #4: The upside of that delay is that it allows me to report on results from Molly's THIRD meet, last night – where she took FIRST in her 100m backstroke heat! First of many, I hope. (But even if it's the one and only, I'm still FANTASTICALLY proud!)

Addendum #5: On a completely unrelated but similarly proud note, Claudia promoted and got her red belt tonight at karate! It's going to look awfully good on her at Diamond Nationals next month!

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